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The Cast

The production team and committee would like to thank everyone for a fantastic day of
auditions! You gave us quite a challenge as we could have cast the show several times over.
Congratulations to all of you – we are delighted to announce that everyone who attended
has been successful in auditioning for the show and we look forward to working with you all
over the coming months!

Click here for the latest rehearsal schedule


Jamie – Taylor Gibson

Hugo – Charlie Bullock

Dean – Harrison Eno

Sandra Bollock – Daniel Pring

Tray Sophisticay – Mason Howell

Laika Virgin – Jay Kendall

Margaret – Hannah Shillingford

Ray – Grace Perks

Miss Hedge – Saskia Jones

Pritti – Sophia Priestnall

Fatimah – Pippa Brasenell

Bex – Katie Bickle

Vicki – Emma Ingram

Becca – Esme Lloyd

Levi – Reuben Southall

Mickey – Harry Nicholas

Cy – Ethan Davies

Young Loco – Mason Howell

John – Jay Kendall

Other Woman – Daniel Pring

Jamie's Dad - Will Bickle

Featured Vocalists

Lucy Hulse

Georgie Jones

Ella May Palmer

Isabelle Pankhurst

Connie Perks

Florence Slade

Freya Westwood

Annabelle Blower

Millie Brigland

Bea Carpenter

Ava Cooper

Darcey Davies

Isla Ennis

Harriet Field

Emily Harriman

Ben Horton-Wrigley

Lucy Hulse

Georgie Jones

Holly Malkin

Ella May Palmer

Isabelle Pankhurst

Connie Perks

Hattie Perks

Imogen Perry

Florence Slade

April Tonks

Hannah Wall

Lily Wesley

Freya Westwood

Libby Woodward

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