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The Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned.  The standard was extremely high and has made decision making very difficult!  Everyone has been accepted into the company with open arms and we look forward to working with you all.

Jesus: Alex Cook

Judas: to be cast

Mary: Hannah Shilllingford

Caiaphas: Ben Simpson

Annas: Izzy Westley-Smith

Priests 1,2,3: Imogen Perry, Oliver Scott Worrall, William Shillingford

(order of lines to be decided at rehearsal)

Pilate: Sami Brasenell

Herod: Tom Homer

Peter: Charlie Smart

Simon: George Blower

Ensemble (Adoring crowd, Lepers, Temple merchants, angry mob, Pharisees, soldiers, mourners etc…):

Pippa Brasenell, Ethan Davies, Harrison Eno, Olly Francis, Emily Harriman, Bethany Higgitt,

Isabelle Hincks, Charlotte Hipkiss, Harriet Humpherson, Amelia Humphries, Hannah Khoury,

Esme Lloyd , Ella May Palmer, Libby McConnell, Natasha Mitchell, Scarlett Moreton,

Reece Morris, Harry Nicholas, Millie O'Brien, Connie Perks, Grace Perks, Neve Pilliner,

Maddy Rock, Isabel Russell, Amy Sefton, Olivia Simmonds, Reuben Southall, Jemima Taylor,

Bethany Wall, Hannah Wall, Freya Westwood, Heath Wilkinson 

12 Apostles in Last Supper Scene:

Judas, Charlie Smart (Peter), George Blower (Simon), Ethan Davies, Harrison Eno, Olly Francis,

Reece Morris, Harry Nicholas, Oliver Scott Worrall, William Shillingford, Reuben Southall,

Heath Wilkinson

In addition, the following solo lines have been distributed:

Maid by the Fire: Amy Sefton

Girl by Fire 1: Alex Cooper

Girl by Fire 2: Abby Houghton

Riff singers in ‘Simon Zealotes’: 

Ella Fisher and Maddy Rock

‘Superstar’ Soul Singers:

Amy Sefton, Maddy Rock, Ella Fisher

Leper solo lines (1-8, order to be decided at rehearsal):

Alex Cooper, Hatty Humpherson, Amelia Humphries, Reece Morris, Ella May Palmer,

Grace Perks, Amy Sefton, Reuben Southall

Angry Crowd solos (1-8, order to be decided at rehearsal):

Ella Fisher, Charlotte Hipkiss, Abby Houghton, Hatty Humpherson, Amelia Humphries,

Ella May Palmer, Grace Perks, Maddy Rock

Senior Dancers: 

Pippa Brasenell, Ella Fisher, Olly Francis, Emily Harriman, Hannah Khoury, Esme Lloyd,

Natasha Mitchell, Neve Pilliner, Maddy Rock, Amy Sefton, Charlie Smart, Bethany Wall,

Freya Westwood

Please be aware that all ensemble will be included in dancing!

Further auditions for the part of Judas will be held in due course.