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Company Award Winners 2023

After a brilliant year, filled with fun activities and our amazing production of 'Made In Dagenham', the annual general meeting brought together our company to reflect on the past year and share the success with our members, as well as look ahead to the next exciting show.

WINNERS - Long Service Awards

In order of appearance:

Emma-louise Clifton for 15 years of service.

Katie Cartwright for 20 years of service.

Beth Hemmings for 25 years of service.

Richard Cope for 30 years of service.

David Shaw for 30 years of service.

David Gregory for 30 years of service.

Leon Davies for 35 years of service.

Fred Shaw for 60 yearsof service.

WINNER - Stan Cooper Award

THE STAN COOPER AWARD for “Excellence Week of Show”, awarded to the back stage crew, received by Jon Simpson (ASM).

WINNER - Mary Beech Award

THE MARY BEECH AWARD for “Member of the Year” awarded to Emma Mitchell.

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